Big ideas from the famous Guarda, Switzerland course in evolutionary biology

Curso Guarda (Suiza) en Biología Evolutiva. Una experiencia fantástica y muy recomendable para realizar en Grado o Posgrado.


IMG_3415 Yes, we had a free day in the middle for hiking!

Why is it so hard to come up with a big idea and a way to test it? What if you could choose any idea in any system, then plan an experiment unlimited by funds or manpower? What is your best idea? What are the most important questions in evolutionary biology? What new tools or approaches might help you solve one of them? How important it is to learn to think carefully before picking up a pipette or a butterfly net, or buying a plane ticket? Could you work with an international team to get to a brilliant project?

IMG_5681 Dieter Ebert and Sebastian Bonhoeffer looking at flowers.

IMG_5633 Sebastian meeting with a group.

IMG_3360 View out our window.

IMG_3274 House 61, with groups upstairs and downstairs. Other houses were 89, 67, 70, and 33.

IMG_5526 Relaxing in Parsepan well after midnight.

IMG_5668 Ready to…

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