8 Reasons Why You Should Write With a Fountain Pen

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8 Reasons Why You Should Write With a Fountain Pen

It’s no secret that I love fountain pens. They’re my preferred writing instrument of choice, and not without good reason. Check out the eight reasons below on what I think the best benefits are of using a fountain pen.  If you’re already a fountain pen enthusiast, share the list to help convert your friends!

Update: Here’s my Top 7 Beginner Fountain Pens Under $25 article too!

Monteverde Invincia Stealth Fountain Pen 1. Smoother Writing Experience

Fountain pens are capable of being some of the smoothest writing instruments out there. There are few other pen-to-paper experiences that are like a fountain pen. It’s hard to explain until you try it, jump in with a starter fountain pen and some nice paper and never look back. The Pilot Metropolitan makes a great entry into the fountain pen world for around $15.

Why You Should Write With A Fountain Pen-22. Limitless Ink Colors

Well, technically there are a…

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